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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

18 Dec 2014 - Taiwan Trip Day 5: Carton King (纸箱王)

After the long trail walk from Green Green Grasslands, we decided to have our late lunch at Carton King Restaurant (纸箱王主题餐厅).
Almost everything here are made of card boards.
Even the tables and chairs that we sat on are made of card boards.  Don't worry, the chair was very sturdy and you will not crush it.
Look at these interesting cup holders, which we can bring home after the meal.
 Here are some of the food that we ordered.  Just like Patite restaurant where we had our dinner the previous night, Carton King will also give free admission tickets to Little Swiss Garden if we ate at their restaurant.  So we had 4 free tickets, just nice for my whole family.

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