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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

19 Dec 2014 - Taiwan Trip Day 6: Jiufen Old Street (九份老街)

After settling down our luggage at Long Men Ke Zhan, we started exploring Jiufen Old Street (九份老街).  Unlike most tourists, we started our visit from the top of the old street.  The first stall that we saw is the famous 阿柑姨芋园 (yam balls).
This is a must try in Jiufen.  Yummy yummy.......
Next we came to an interesting shop selling masks made of clay.  泥人吴 is also pretty well known in Jiufen.
Tourists are welcome into the shop to take photos.
These 麦芽糖 looks very attractive, especially for children.  Yes we did buy some for Jerlene and Javier.
As we walked further down, we came to this shop that sells traditional fish balls.  Of course we had to try it out.
We all loved both the fish balls and squid balls.  We had to order a second round in order to satisfy our taste buds.
Touring Jiufen Old Street is all about food.  阿`兰草仔粿 is another must try.  There are many flavours and we decided to buy one each.
We took a break at a lookout point before continuing our eating journey.
 This is Fried Mushroom, another of our favourite street food in Taiwan.
 Other than street food, there are also many Tea House (茶坊) in Jiufen.
As we were not into tea tasting and did not have a lot of time to spend here, we gave it a miss.
Further down from the Tea Houses is a landmark building in Jiufen, 升平戏院.  This is the first cinema in the whole of Taiwan!
By now, it's almost 5pm and the sky had begun to turn dark.  We started walking up the steps and back to our room.  On our way, we saw a shop selling 茶叶蛋.  How could we resist it, right?
We reached our room at about 5:30pm.  Tracy and myself still did not feel enough and we decided to go back to the old street after some rest. Jerlene and Javier, as usual, refused to follow us and wanted to stay in the room.  Since they had their own entertainment, so be it.  :-)
We started our 2nd trip to Jiufen Old Street at 6pm.  The next thing we tried was the Meat Balls (红糟肉圆).  
Even simply by looking at it, you already can imagine how tasty it is.
This is another interesting stall.  What is so interesting?  It is not the sausages or tea.  It is the LADYBOSS!!!!!  Don't you think she's cute?  She wears the wig with a big flower at the top everyday while serving her customers.  If you look closely, she wears a sign around her neck stating "拍照不加钱", which means "No charge for taking photo of her".  Anyway, I did buy a Black Pig Sausage from her.
At the other end of the old street is a Pastry shop,李仪饼店, which is also quite well known.
The following Fried Squid (花枝烧) was another delicious street food in Jiufen.
 When the crowd started to disperse at about 7pm, shops began to close for the day.
As such, we slowly walked back to our room right at the top of the street.  We were glad that we had decided to stay in Jiufen for one night.  Otherwise, we would have left this place much earlier and would not be able to taste so many great food here.

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