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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

20 Dec 2014 - Taiwan Trip Day 7: King Kong Mountain (金刚山), Yin-Yang Sea (阴阳海), 13 levels Ruins (十三层遗址)

From Golden Waterfall, 潘先生 drove us up to a lookout point where we had a fantastic view of King Kong Mountain (黑金刚大山) to the left and Yin-Yang Sea (阴阳海) to the right.
Can you identify the different parts of the majestic King Kong in the following photo?
Compare with the below picture and see if you got it all correct.
Now let's take a look at Yin-Yang Sea.  Can you see the two shades of sea colors?  That's how the name Yin-Yang Sea comes about.
Below explains how Yin-Yang Sea is formed.
Right behind us is another mountain called the Teapot Mountain (茶壶山).  Can you see the teapot, the spout and the tea cup?
Now let's take a closer look......  The teapot lid and spout should be clear to you now.  And the pavilion on the right is the tiny tea cup.
By the way, did you notice those gigantic pipes that extend up the mountain?  These are smoke tunnels that carry hazardous fumes from the smelter to be released on the higher ground, far away from the population staying around the smelter.
Next 潘先生 drove us to the foot of the mountain to have a look at the Thirteen Levels Ruins.  Along the way, we stopped by a bridge to take some photos with the Golden Rocks in a stream.  Water in this stream flows from the Golden Waterfall which I've mentioned in my previous post.
Now back to the Thirteen Levels Ruins (十三层遗址).  These ruins are all that remains of a once prosperous gold mining industry in Taiwan.  The different levels of this abandoned factory performed different functions of the then gold mining process, from mining to smelting to refining etc........  There are a total of 13 levels and hence its name.
The above are all the main places of interest in Jinguashi (金瓜石).  Our next destination is YehLiu Geopark.

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