Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

29 Jun 2016 - Javier's 1st semester's results

Javier got back his report book for the very first time today.  When he saw me in the evening at the school gate, he rushed over and can't wait to show me his results.  Guess was 100 marks not just for one subject, neither was it for two subjects, it was for ALL subjects!  I wonder how he did it when he spent most of his time playing throughout the semester.  Anyway, that's the best results one could get and well done, Javier!
Looking at his class results, I am a bit concern because all the three main subjects were below the school's average.
In terms of non-academic skills and personal qualities, it was generally good.  He also told me that he'll be the class monitor in term 4.
Javier actually asked me how I scored in my P1 exams 30+ years ago.  When I told him I got 99% for the whole year, he now set himself a target, which is to beat my scores!  Javier, I welcome your challenge and I will be very proud of you if you can really do it.  加油!加油!加油!

29 Jun 2016 - Jerlene's semester 1 results

The school did not give out report books to students before the June school holidays because there was technical issues in generating the result slips then.  Jerlene finally got back her report book today. Generally she did ok but she definitely needs to work a lot harder in her English and Chinese.  As usual, she did pretty well for her mathematics.  This was her first year having science and she did fine for this subject too.
Her scores were better than the mean mark of her class.  And her class did better than the overall school's mean marks.
In terms of non-academic skills and personal qualities, the comments from her teacher was generally positives.
Well done, Jerlene!  Do work harder in your language subjects which still have lots of room for improvement.  加油!

19 Jun 2016 - Barney's Beach Party "Live" Show

This was our main purpose of coming to City Square Mall.  The Barney's Beach Party "Live" Show.  After checking where the stage was, we went straight to where the stage was.
Even though we were there 30 mins before the show starts, the whole place was already packed!  Jerlene and Javier managed to find a place to sit down near the stage while we watched by the side.
Look at the crowd.  All 4 levels were packed with people during the show.
Following are some highlights of the show.
After the show, we went for Ice Cream dessert at Anderson's of Denmark.
That's not the end of today's program.  We then went for a movie called "Finding Dory" which was fun and touching to watch.  Finally we had our dinner at Saizeriya Italian Restaurant before calling it a day.  And so this was how we celebrated Father's Day this year.

19 Jun 2016 - Outdoor fun at City Square Mall

Jerlene and Javier had been telling me about Barney's Beach Party since few weeks back.  They saw advertisement on TV but cannot remember where it's held at.  So I had to "google" and found that it's at City Square Mall.  And guess what, today is the last day!  So immediately after lunch, we drove to the mall.  It took us about 20mins to get into the car park.

There were many activities at the outdoor open area of the mall.  First we came to a huge City Square Mall Sandcastle.
Then Jerlene and Javier were fascinated by a mini train travelling around the area.
There were other activities such as Bumper Boat, Bouncing Castle, Rock Climbing but they were not free.  The playground nearby is free though so that's where Jerlene and Javier went.
We spent about 30 mins there before entering the mall for the Barney's Beach Party "Live" Show.

14 Jun 2016 - "What's the saying" puzzles created by Javier

After solving so many puzzles in the mobile game called "What's the saying", Javier discovered certain "tricks" in getting the solution.  With that, he started creating his very own "What's the saying" puzzles.  It even comes with various difficulty levels ranging from "Easy" to the super hard "Pro" level.  Can you solve his word/pic puzzles below?  :-P

5 Jun 2016 - Is it real?

I took the following photo on the Orchard Gateway link bridge.  When I shows Jerlene and Javier this photo, their first reaction was, "Is it real"? "Did you fall into it"?  I really admire all these artists who come up with such creative 3D arts.

4 Jun 2016 - "Daddy you can go now!"

Javier does not like us watch him during his Taekwando class.  Nowadays, the moment we reached the community centre, he will say:"Daddy you can go now".  He will make sure I go before he started practising with his class.  So this poor daddy had no choice but to secretly watch him from a level up!

2 Jun 2016 - The Angry Birds Movie

We have been waiting for this movie since early this year.  Both Jerlene and Javier are super fans of Angry Birds.  Especially Javier whereby you can find angry birds on his school bag, water bottle, sandals, T-shirts etc.  Even his dentist knew about it and will usually prepare some angry birds stickers whenever Javier had a dental appointment.  The kids were overjoyed when they realized we were walking into the cinema and saw a huge Angry Birds poster!
This movie is suitable for the entire family to laugh and enjoy.  Highly recommended!

1 Jun 2016 - Bye Bye Hong Kong

Six days had passed and it's time for us to bid farewell to Hong Kong.
Jerlene and Javier helping us to push our luggage to the hotel lobby.
Before checking out, we went around the hotel to take some photos.
We then took a taxi from the hotel to the airport.  As we were early for our flight, we decided to have our lunch at Maxim's Jade Garden (美心。翠园).
Hong Kong's dim sum is simply first class!