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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

29 Jun 2016 - Jerlene's semester 1 results

The school did not give out report books to students before the June school holidays because there was technical issues in generating the result slips then.  Jerlene finally got back her report book today. Generally she did ok but she definitely needs to work a lot harder in her English and Chinese.  As usual, she did pretty well for her mathematics.  This was her first year having science and she did fine for this subject too.
Her scores were better than the mean mark of her class.  And her class did better than the overall school's mean marks.
In terms of non-academic skills and personal qualities, the comments from her teacher was generally positives.
Well done, Jerlene!  Do work harder in your language subjects which still have lots of room for improvement.  加油!

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