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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

19 Jun 2016 - Barney's Beach Party "Live" Show

This was our main purpose of coming to City Square Mall.  The Barney's Beach Party "Live" Show.  After checking where the stage was, we went straight to where the stage was.
Even though we were there 30 mins before the show starts, the whole place was already packed!  Jerlene and Javier managed to find a place to sit down near the stage while we watched by the side.
Look at the crowd.  All 4 levels were packed with people during the show.
Following are some highlights of the show.
After the show, we went for Ice Cream dessert at Anderson's of Denmark.
That's not the end of today's program.  We then went for a movie called "Finding Dory" which was fun and touching to watch.  Finally we had our dinner at Saizeriya Italian Restaurant before calling it a day.  And so this was how we celebrated Father's Day this year.

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