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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

19 Jun 2016 - Outdoor fun at City Square Mall

Jerlene and Javier had been telling me about Barney's Beach Party since few weeks back.  They saw advertisement on TV but cannot remember where it's held at.  So I had to "google" and found that it's at City Square Mall.  And guess what, today is the last day!  So immediately after lunch, we drove to the mall.  It took us about 20mins to get into the car park.

There were many activities at the outdoor open area of the mall.  First we came to a huge City Square Mall Sandcastle.
Then Jerlene and Javier were fascinated by a mini train travelling around the area.
There were other activities such as Bumper Boat, Bouncing Castle, Rock Climbing but they were not free.  The playground nearby is free though so that's where Jerlene and Javier went.
We spent about 30 mins there before entering the mall for the Barney's Beach Party "Live" Show.

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