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Saturday, August 11, 2018

10 Aug 2018 - Great Day Out at East Coast Parkway

It's school holiday today and we decided to go for some outdoor activity after lunch.  Javier suggested skate scooting at some parks and we all agreed.  Before that, we went to Decathlon and shopped for a bigger skate scooter for Jerlene.  Both of them tried out the 2-wheeled skate scooter at the outlet.  Eventually we bought one for Jerlene while Javier still prefers his current one.
So off we went to East Coast Park.  Initially Jerlene was still not too confident with the 2-wheeled skate scooter.  So we bought her a pair of elbow guards and knee guards just in case.  However, within 15mins, she was quite proficient with it already.
As for Javier, he's still on his existing 3-wheeled skate scooter and enjoyed "scooting" down the gentle slope.
After an hour of skate scooting, we were exhausted and decided to go to the nearby McDonald's for an ice-cream break.  Once we re-energized, we went to the playground next to McDonald's.  Jerlene and Javier had fun climbing, crawling and running around all the "obstacles".
It's a great day out for all of us but will be better if the weather is cooler.  :-)

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