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Friday, August 10, 2018

8 Aug 2018 - Fireworks at Hougang Neighbourhood

Today is National Day eve and we went for our dinner at the popular 888 Mookata at Hougang Street 21.  Fortunately we were slightly early and beat the dinner crowd.  We spent more than an hour to finish all the food that we had ordered.  When we returned home and reached our doorstep, we suddenly heard some loud "popping" sound.  Initially I thought it was gunshots by some authority shooting at stray dogs.  We quickly ran up to our roof terrace and below was what we saw!!!!
Yes, it's fireworks.....right in the middle of Hougang neighbourhood.  What a pleasant surprise!  This is the first time we saw a fireworks display at such a close proximity from our roof terrace.
Though it's just a mini national day celebration at a neighbourhood, the fireworks display was actually quite spectacular.  As we watched the fireworks display, Jerlene and Javier suddenly felt patriotic and started singing National Day songs!  Below is what I managed to capture.  Enjoy!

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