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Sunday, June 18, 2017

1 Jun 2017 - Iceland Day 7: Exploring Reykjahlíð

The village of Reykjahlíð has approximately 300 inhabitants and is situated on the shores of Lake Mývatn in the north of Iceland. During the so-called Mývatn fires, caused by the eruption of the nearby volcano Krafla in 1729, the village was destroyed by a lava stream. However, the inhabitants were saved when the lava flow stopped in front of the village church on higher ground, allegedly as the result of the prayers of the village priest. The church is still there, although the present building dates from 1972.
All around the church we could see how much damage the eruption had caused to the village.
Other than the church, there is actually nothing much in Reykjahlíð except a supermarket and a petrol station.
We then drove back to the cottage to have our home cooked dinner.  Before we went to bed, we witnessed the sunset at about 11pm.

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