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Sunday, June 18, 2017

1 Jun 2017 - Iceland Day 7: Dimmuborgir Lava Formations and Höfði Lookout

Dimmuborgir is another interesting place to visit.  This volcanic field is covered in jagged black lava stacks and caves that were formed in a massive eruption some 2,300 years ago.
The Dimmuborgir area is composed of various volcanic caves and rock formations, reminiscent of an ancient collapsed citadel (hence the name). The name Dimmuborgir translates to “Dark Castles,” or “Dark Cities”.
There are several walking trails here but we decided to give it a miss as it started to drizzle.
Next we drove to Höfði where we climbed up a slope to a lookout point.
The view at the lookout point was simply stunning.
From here, we could see Mt. Hverfjall where we climbed up to the crater rim earlier.
We had an amazing 360° view of the surrounding at the top of a hill.
Jerlene and Javier did not follow us as they preferred to stay in the car rather than walking in the light drizzle.

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