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Sunday, June 18, 2017

1 Jun 2017 - Iceland Day 7: Namafjall Hverir Geothermal Area

Our itinerary for today was to drive to Mývatn and explore its surrounding.  Sad to say, it's a rainy day again!  :-(

Our first stop was Hverir / Hverarönd at the Námafjall Mountain ranges.
This geothermal area named Hverir, east of Mt. Námafjall, is one of the highest temperature areas in Iceland.
The moment we got off our car, Javier immediately shouted:"EEEeeeeee......rotten egg smell"!
There were lots of colorful sulphurous mud springs, steam vents, cracked mud and fumaroles around this area.
As we walked around, we felt as though we were walking on Mars. It’s no wonder that American astronauts used Iceland as a training ground to prepare them for travel to the Moon.  :-P
We did not venture too deep into the park as it was raining and the ground was very wet and muddy.
We quickly took the best photos we could and left this barren surroundings.
As we drove into Námafjall Mountain ranges, we stopped by a super windy hilltop where a white chair appeared in the middle of nowhere.
I decided to get down and take a closer look.  It was really windy and it's not easy to reach to the chair.  I could not stand straight as seen in the following photo simply because of the strong wind.
From the car park, we had a nice view of Mývatn with a few blue lakes around the area.

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