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Sunday, June 25, 2017

8 Jun 2017 - Copenhagen Day 3: Den Blå Planet National Aquarium

After a good breakfast, we took the Aquarium Shuttle – Blue Line from the Vesterbrogade 6 bus stop. The bus ride to the aquarium was about 30mins, and there was commentary available on the landmarks we passed along the way.
Den Bla Planet National Aquarium is Northern Europe’s largest aquarium, home to thousands of animals and 7 million litres of water.
The aquarium is divided into 8 sections and features around 50 aquariums and installations.
There was also a big screen near the entrance of the aquarium featuring the underwater world. Upon downloading the aquarium app, we could hunt and acquire fish parts along the exhibits. With the fish parts, we could create and “release” our fish creations into the underwater world. The kids had fun doing this and went around hunting for new fish parts.
Other than aquarium with all the beautiful sea creatures, there are quite a number of interactive displays as well.
Below were some of the amazing marine life that we saw in the aquarium.
At the Warm Ocean section, we arrived at the largest aquarium in Blue Planet, the 4,000,000-litre Ocean tank. It is home to sharks (zebra shark, blacktip reef shark, wobbegongs and young scalloped hammerheads), stingrays, eagle rays, guitarfish, moray eels, golden trevallies, groupers and more that can be seen through the 16 by 8 m (52 by 26 ft) main window, which is 45 cm (18 in) thick.
The main purpose of the aquarium is to disseminate marine information, help science projects, and help improve educational institutions.  As such, there were various presentation conducted by the aquarium staff to the visitors.
There is also a 16 m (52 ft) long shark tunnel.
We had wanted to see Puffins in Iceland but due to the wet weather, we had seen none.  Never did we expect to see Puffins in this aquarium, and at close range.  :-)
We spent the whole morning at the aquarium and had the leftover donuts for snacks before heading back to the city.

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