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Saturday, December 31, 2016

18 Dec 2016 - Cruise Day 6: How big exactly is the ship?

After six days of cruising, there were still places on the cruise where we have not explored.  Before lunch, we picked Javier up from the Kid's Club for lunch.  He was very excited as he had just won a prize for winning a game earlier.
After lunch, we went to the games room for some chess games and sudoku before bringing them back to the Youth Program.
Below is the video arcade just outside of the Adventure Ocean Kid's Club.
Knowing that the kids were well taken of, we continued to explore new areas on the ship.
We decided to walk to the bow of the ship where the helipad was.
Right behind it was a viewing gallery where we could see the crew in actions.  This is the main control station.
It's really amazing to be on board such a gigantic and high tech mode of transport in the middle of the ocean.
When we returned to our cabin in the evening, we were greeted by a cute little doggie!  :-)

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