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Saturday, December 31, 2016

23 Dec 2016 - Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouse and Head Lighthouse

Wollongong is the only place in the east of Australia to have two lighthouses located in close proximity of each other.  One of them is Wollongang Breakwater Lighthouse, a historic lighthouse situated on the southern breakwater of Wollongong Harbour.
The Wollongong Harbour is home to private vessels and the local fishing fleet in the inner Belmore Basin.
As we walked along the breakwater under the strong wind, we saw the formation of rainbow whenever water splashed out over the breakwater.  Jerlene and Javier were so amazed by it.  See the video below.
The other lighthouse which is nearby is the Wollongong Head Lighthouse.
Wollongong Head Lighthouse, also known as Flagstaff Lighthouse or Flagstaff Point Light, is an active lighthouse located in Wollongong, a coastal city south of Sydney, New South Wales. It overlooks the Tasman Sea from the top of Flagstaff Point, directly east of the city centre.
There were lots of Seagulls resting on the grass patch around the lighthouse.
Next to the lighthouse were a few cannons pointing out to the sea.
From here, we had a great view of the ocean, beach and town.
From the top of Flagstaff hill, we walked down the rocky and eroded steps with no handrails to a rock pool which seemed non-operational.
This is called the Nuns Pool (Nuns Bath or Chains Bath), the oldest of Wollongong's ocean pool.
We were not aware of this historic site till we ventured down the steps.  Exploration is fun!
We took a similar photo as below during our last year's trip to Tasmania.  We will continue to do it during all our future trips.
Before leaving the harbour, we had a last look at the two lighthouses standing not far apart.

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