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Saturday, December 31, 2016

13 Dec 2016 - Cruise Day 1: Our First Look of the cruiseship

Windjammer Cafe is one of the most visited place on the cruise for most passengers.  Dining here is complimentary.  It is a culinary destination loaded with an array of delicious food for every meal and snack time.  At entrance, we were greeted by nicely decorated Gingerbread Houses.
The view from Windjammer Cafe was pretty spectacular in a comfortable and casual atmosphere.
Other than Windjammer Cafe, we will be having our daily complimentary dinner at the Main Dining Room, Sapphire.  This is a more formal dining with different theme every night.
While we were having our dinner at Sapphire Dining Room, the cruise started leaving the cruise terminal.  Good bye Sydney and we will be back in 7 days time.
After our dinner, we took a walk along the Royal Promenade with a number of shops and cafes on both sides of the walkway.  It was like shopping along Orchard Road but on board a cruise.  What a great feeling.
We then decided to go outdoor to enjoy the sea breeze.  It was really relaxing.
There were games and activities all around the ship.  Below is just one of them.  We played till it's time for Jerlene and Javier to go for the night session at the kid's club.

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