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Saturday, December 31, 2016

14 Dec 2016 - Cruise Day 2: Great Fun at Mini Golf

We started off our first full day on the ship by having our breakfast at Windjammer.  Half way through our breakfast, Jerlene told us she was not feeling too well.  She seemed to be having sea sick and threw out a few times. We then asked Javier if he still wants to go kid's club without Jerlene and his answer was firmly a "YES"!  He said he had already made some new friends last night.  So after Javier went to the Adventure Ocean program, we brought Jerlene down to the medical centre.  Sadly, there is no suitable sea sick medication for kids under the age of 12.  The medical staff advised that such discomfort was quite common for first time cruiser and she'll probably get over it after one day.  To relieve her discomfort, we decided to go and have some fun to keep her distracted.  We went to the upper deck to have a few games of Mini Golf, which seemed to have helped.
After lunch, we told Javier how much fun we had at the mini golf earlier and that made him very eager to try it out.
As such, we went for a second round with Javier.  We all had a great fun at the Mini Golf course on board.
Other than Mini Golf, there were other mini games such as the following bean bags toss.
After Javier went back to the kid's club, we continue to explore the other part of the ship.  At 3pm, we went for a 3D Movie: Penguins of the Madagascar at the La Scala Theatre.
The girls were busy taking selfie.
For me, I enjoyed watching the waves in the vast ocean.  :-)

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