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Saturday, December 31, 2016

19 Dec 2016 - Cruise Day 7: Meet up with the Stars and Thank You Cake at Windjammer

Today was our last full day on board Voyager of the Sea.  After bringing Jerlene and Javier to the Youth Program, we went to La Scala Theatre to meet up with the Singers and Dancers.  It's interesting to hear stories about how they went for their interviews and why they like their jobs so much.
We picked up Jerlene and Javier at noon for lunch.  Jerlene was very excited to show me a medal that she had won earlier in the kid's club.
As usual, we had our lunch at Windjammer Cafe.  There were even crews who went around the tables to sing Christmas songs.
At the entrance of the cafe, there was a super huge "Thank You" cake.
One of the cruise chef started cutting the cake and distribute to everyone in the cafe.

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