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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

31 May 2017 - Iceland Day 6: Hengifoss and an Unnamed Twin Waterfall

As it was still bright, we took a short rest in the cottage before heading out to visit the Hengifoss.  It was a short 20 mins drive but half of the journey was on the bumpy gravel road. After we parked our car, we were presented with a long flight of steps before the start of the walking trail to the Hengifoss.
After realizing the walking trail to Hengifoss is going to take us 2 hours for a return trip, we decided to just view it from a distance.
After going up the flight of stairs, the Jerlene and Javier were very tired and had fallen way behind.
After walking for about 20 mins, we finally could see Hengifoss, which is the third highest waterfall in Iceland at 128 meters.
As we were all too tired to continue the walk and it's getting late, we headed back to our car.
Nevertheless, we managed to capture a few nice shots of the waterfall and the gorge.
On our way back to the cottage, we passed by a small unnamed twin waterfall by the road side.  Since we could not get close to Hengifoss, we decided to stop by here and get real close to this waterfall.
Slightly further down the road we came to a field that was blossomed with beautiful wild purple flowers called Nootka, or Alaskan Lupin.
The flower was actually introduced in 1945 to lowland areas as a means to add nitrogen to the soil and also to function as an anchor for organic matter. Lupine has since flourished in Iceland, spreading like a wildfire, in almost effortless competition with the other species already in residence.
It was almost 10pm when we reached Setberg Apartment.  Time to rest for the day.

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31 May 2017 - Iceland Day 6: Setberg Guesthouse, Egilsstaðir

We checked in at Setberg Guesthouse at Egilsstaðir after dinner. We were surprised to see that it was a little cottage within a big farm.
Once we drove to the cottage, our car was greeted by 2 big dogs.
Jerlene and Javier were initially fearful of the dogs. After our hostess came over to welcome us and introduced the dogs to us, the kids started to pat and play with the dogs.
The dogs were really friendly and playful.
Let's take a look at the interior of the apartment.
This is one of the few apartment which we had stayed during the trip that comes with a bathtub.
There are 2 bedrooms whereby one has a double bed and the other had two single beds.
The apartment also has a kitchen and dining area.
There is a door that leads to a balcony where one can enjoy a superb panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

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31 May 2017 - Iceland Day 6: Dinner at N1 Petrol Station Restaurant, Egilsstaðir

We arrived at Egilsstaðir after an hour's drive from Petra's Stone Collection.  As it's about dinner time, we took a break at N1 Petrol Station Restaurant.  Jerlene and Javier had their favourite Pizza.
We also ordered a bowl of Icelandic Soup and a Steak Burger.
Though it's a restaurant at petrol station, the price is no difference from any other restaurant in town.
Egilsstaðir is a town in east Iceland on the banks of Lagarfljót river.  Lagarfljót lake is inhabited by Iceland's most renowned water monster, Lagarfljótsormur.

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31 May 2017 - Iceland Day 6: Petra's Stone Collection

Our next stop along the East Fjords was Petra's Stone Collection.
In an unassuming house in a small town on an Icelandic fjord lies a remarkable rock collection. This was the private collection of Ljósbjörg Petra María, who began collecting stones at just seven years old.
Entrance fee is 1,500 ISK for 14 years and older.  Since we had driven all the way here, we decided to pay a visit to this stone museum.
I must say it was really an eye opener to see so many different types of rocks gathered at one place.
Jerlene and Javier were very curious about how this unique rocks were formed.
There is a little garden which was nicely decorated.
It's really rocks and rocks everywhere.
We were totally caught by surprised when the kids identified a rock called the Obsidian. Then we found out that they learnt this while playing minecraft.  Javier even explained to me how hard Obsidian is and its other properties.
There is also a small museum with rocks and specimen of many Icelandic animals.
We took a short break at the resting area before continuing our road trip.

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