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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

31 May 2017 - Iceland Day 6: Exploring Höfn

FINALLY!  It's bright and sunny when we woke up this morning.  According to weather forecast, it's going to be wet and gloomy again in the next few days.  As such, we had to cherish the nice weather and make the most out of it today.

After having our breakfast, we checked out of Lónið Apartments and drove around Höfn town.
The town offers scenic views of Vatnajökull (the largest ice cap in Europe by volume).
Taking our family's shadows shot has been a ritual since our last few trips.  The weather today was perfect for such a shot.
There were monument and sculpture around but all the information sign are in Icelandic language.  After checking on the internet, all I know is that it is called Seamen's Monument.
There are also some artworks related to our Solar System around this area.
We brought a small binocular along in this trip.  Jerlene and Javier enjoyed looking at the beautiful scenery around with it.
The name Höfn means harbour and it is a fishing port surrounded on three sides by the sea. Höfn is one of very few harbours in the southern part of Iceland and it needs to be navigated with care due to the changing pattern of shoals

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