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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

25 May 2017 - Flying off to the Land of Fire and Ice (11 Days Iceland Self-Drive Itinerary)

Over the past few years, we had been travelling during year end school holiday.  This time round we decided to have a change and travel during mid year school holiday.  This will also be Jerlene's and Javier's first time going to Europe and taking a flight of more than 8 hours.

After checking in our luggage and on our way to the transit area, we saw a board advertising Singapore's connectivity to the Scandinavian countries.  Coincidentally, that's where we will be heading to.  Copenhagen and Iceland, here we come!
Outside the boarding gate, there is an artwork called the Wings of Mexico.  This interactive sculpture symbolizes the friendly alliance amongst people and culture, which transcends borders
Our flight SQ352 departed just before midnight.  Dinner was served soon after takeoff.
As it's a night flight, we all fell asleep right after dinner.  The flight time to Copenhagen is about 12.5 hours.  We were served with breakfast about 2 hours before landing.
Jerlene and Javier were feeling refreshed after their sleep.  :-)

And here is our 11 Days Self-Drive Iceland Itinerary.  Click on each link below for the details.

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