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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

27 May 2017 - Iceland Day 2: Reykholt

From Hraunfossar, we drove about 15 mins and arrived at one of Iceland's most notable historical sites, Reykholt.  It houses a cultural centre and a church.
Reykhholt is most famous for being the home of Iceland's best-known author Snorri Sturluson during the years 1206-1241. An ancient geothermally-heated pool, Snorralaug, is named after him. It is one of the few things preserved whole from Iceland´s medieval period.
We walked around the church and as we were about to look for Snorralaug, it started raining.  We quickly rushed back to our car as the rain got heavier and heavier.
Since it's raining, we decided to have some snacks in the car before driving to our next destination.

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