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Friday, December 29, 2017

16 Dec 2017 - Shanghai Day 2: People's Park (人民公园)

Two metro stations away from Jing'an Temple is People's Square (人民广场) station where we alighted.
The People's Park is also known as the Renmin Park, with a total area of 98,200 square meters (24.3 acres).
The moment we entered the park, we saw lots of people gathered along the path and the interesting thing was that there were umbrellas with messages all over the place.  At closer look, the information that was written on these notes was personal information of those who want to find a partner, including their gender, age, occupations, income, photos, telephone number, and educational background.  In addition, their requirements for partners can also be found on the notes.
This area of the park is known as The Marriage Market, which is one of the highlights of Shanghai People's Park.  During weekends, lots of parents will come here to either choose the future wives and husbands for their children, or to "promote" their own children to other parents.  
After going through the crowd, we came to the west area of the park which is made up of two pools. Lotus flowers are planted in the east pool while gold fish are raised in the west pool. To the east of the pond are the exuberant dawn redwoods and to the west stands a square pavilion.
The Antarctic Stone is in the middle area of the park. It was collected by the first Chinese Antarctic expedition on the George Island at the South Pole on February 21st, 1982. It was erected in the park on February 2nd, 1985. With a height of 1.7 meters (1.9 yards), the elliptical dark brown stone bears inscriptions of "Antarctic Stone" (南极石).
Further down the park, there is an amusement park.  Our original plan was to visit the Shanghai Museum which is supposed to be nearby but in view of time, we decided to skip it and took the metro to Yuyuan (豫园).

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