Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, April 22, 2018

22 Apr 2018 - Taekwando Red Belt Grading

Javier went for his Taekwando Red Belt grading today.  As usual, before entering the grading hall, he did his warm up and practice outside of the hall.
This time round, the grading was held at Ang Mo Kio ITE Sports Hall.  It's a good location for us as it's very near to our place.
I think Javier had improved a lot from his previous grading 3 months ago.  His power has strengthened and his kicks are higher.  Also, his sparring is now more aggressive.
Below's video shows his grading session.  He remembered all his patterns and I just want to say:"Javier, you did a great job today"!  Proud of you!

21 Apr 2018 - Swimsafer Silver Award

Jerlene and Javier received their Swimsafer Silver Award certificates today.  It's another milestone achieved and passing this test means they are able to perform the following:

1. Entries & Exits
- Dive entry (crouching).
2. Sculling & Body Orientation
- Backward somersault in the water.
- Scull, float or tread whilst putting on a PFD in water (incorporated in Survival & Activity Skills).
3. Underwater Skills
- In at least 1.4m deep water, perform feet-first surface dive, swim through hoops on pool bottom for 3m.
4. Movement/Swimming/Strokes
- 50m Front Crawl (within 1:30 min).
- 50m Breaststroke(within 1:50 min).
- 50m Backstroke (within 1:40 min).
- 25m Survival Backstroke.
- 25m Sidestroke.
- Dolphin kick 10m on front.
5. Survival & Activity Skills
- Dressed in swimwear, shorts and t-shirt demonstrate:
- Enter deep water using a straddle jump.
- Perform a backward somersault.
- Submerge using feet first surface dive.
- Swim through hoops on pool bottom for 3m and resurface.
- Swim 45m quickly using front crawl.
- Wave and call for help (rescuer to throw PFD).
- Retrieve a PFD in water and fit it while treading water.
- Demonstrate Heat Escape Lessening Posture (H.E.L.P.) technique for 30 sec.
- Then swim 25m with PFD and climb out of the water.
6. Rescue Skills
- Throw a PFD to a partner 3m away and instruct the partner to kick to the edge.
7. Knowledge
- Principles of Personal Safety and Survival.
- Environmental Awareness.
- Health Awareness.
- Emergency Situations and Survival Techniques.
- Rescues.

17 Apr 2018 - Beautiful Dawn Sky

As the subject says.....

Sunday, April 15, 2018

15 Apr 2018 - RPG "Maze Boss" created by JJJwong

Javier's Scratch programming has upped another level now.  He started creating Role Playing Game which we used to call RPG.  This particular game called Maze Boss has multiple parts.  It actually has a story line, though simple but good enough for a 9 year old boy I guess.  There are 5 parts now but the story hasn't ended.  In other words, more parts are on their way.  Try it out here.

The first part doesn't have any dialogue but I find the part fighting King Pig very funny, especially its blue-black eyes.....haha.......... Try it out and see for yourself.  :-)

14 Apr 2018 - Bittergourd plant growing well

After slightly more than a month from being just a seed, our bittergourd plant started to bloom.  This is the first time I see how a bittergourd flower looks like.
Bittergourd is a vine that bears tendril, a specialized stem with a threadlike shape that is used by climbing plants for support, generally by twining around suitable hosts found by touch.
A number of buds can be seen on the plant now.  Hopefully we can see some fruits soon.
By the way, our orchid should be blooming soon too.

11 Apr 2018 - Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Chinese Orchestra

After months of training, today is the actual SYF performance for Chinese Orchestra.  As Jerlene got to be in school early this morning to get ready for the performance, we all woke up much earlier than normal.  She's all set for the performance.
I took leave this morning to give Jerlene my support.  The SYF performance was held at Singapore Conference Hall.  Any form of audio/video recording was not allowed during the performance.
After her performance, I managed to take a photo with my pretty girl outside the concert hall.  I must congratulate everyone for the accomplished performance.  Well done, Rosyth Chinese Orchestra!

8 Apr 2018 - Broadsword Play (刀术)

It has been 2+ years since Javier took up Chinese Martial Arts (中华武术).  From Fan Play (扇术), to Cudgel Play (棍术) till now Broadsword Play (刀术). I like the sound when he swings the broadsword around.
I'm interested in Wushu since young but never had the chance to learn.  Now at least I got the chance to play with some of these "weapons".  Shiok!  :-P

8 Apr 2018 - Traditional Kopitiam Breakfast

Weeks after weeks, we have been having Prata for our Sunday breakfast.  Today we decided to have a change and switch to traditional coffee shop style breakfast (Toast bread, Soft boiled eggs and coffee/tea).  Jerlene and Javier ordered French Toast, Soft boiled eggs and Milo.  They love it and knowing them, we'll probably going to have it for the coming weeks/months.  :-)

Saturday, March 31, 2018

31 Mar 2018 - Celebrate Javier's Birthday at Swenson

Year after year, Jerlene and Javier have been asking for the same thing on their birthday.  And that is, a meal at Swenson!
Happy Birthday, my boy!  Hope you enjoyed the day!
As usual, we got a free ice cream (Firehouse) from Swenson for Javier's birthday and he ordered his usual "Topless 5" and shared with Jerlene.  This time they did not ordered 5 scoops of cookies & cream.  They ordered 3 scoops of cookies & cream and 2 scoops of vanilla.
Time for a family wefie!

31 Mar 2018 - BOUNCE Singapore Trampoline Park

Javier had turned 9 years old today.  So after Jerlene's ballet exam, we brought them to their favourite place, a Trampoline Park.  The one where we used to go to at Serangoon Gardens is no longer in existence.  As such, we went to a more popular one at Orchard Cineleisure called BOUNCE Singapore.
This is a much bigger trampoline park and it has more activities.  Jerlene and Javier had thoroughly enjoyed the session.

31 Mar 2018 - BBO Ballet (Grade 3) Exam

Jerlene took her Grade 3 Ballet examination today.  She seemed relax before the exam which was great!
These little ballerinas below doing their warm up exercises before entering the studio for the actual exam.
They were more worried with the theory test than the exercises.  However, when they came out from the exam studio, they were relieved because the theory questions weren't as difficult as they had expected.

30 Mar 2018 - Popular Bookshop Warehouse Sale

On our way home, we passed by the Popular Bookstore's warehouse sale.  We decided to drive in and take a look.  As we walked into the assessment books section, Jerlene and Javier started choosing those that suit their levels for every subjects.
There was a long queue for payment but it's moving fast because there were many cashier counters.

30 Mar 2018 - Birthday Party at Island Bowl

Jerlene and Javier attended a friend's birthday party at a bowling centre in Island Country Club this afternoon.

18 Mar 2018 - Get Wet at Sentosa's FunFest

Today is the last day of Sentosa's FunFest 2018.  After all the excitement with Luge and Skybridge, Jerlene and Javier can't wait to get themselves soaking wet at Palawan Beach.  They spent quite a while in the foam pool which seemed fun!
Among the highlights of FunFest 2018 is a 50-metre long Aquaplane. There was a long queue but their patience paid off.
After all the fun at the beach, Jerlene and Javier decided to spend some swashbuckling time at the free Palawan Pirate Ship water playground.
It was a great family outing today and we should plan more of such activities in future.

18 Mar 2018 - AJ Hackett Sentosa Skybridge

At 47m above the ground, the AJ Hackett Sentosa Skybridge was created to allow people of all ages to challenge and overcome that age-old fear of heights that causes everyone to get vertigo.
We took the lift up to level 17 and had a superb view of the surrounding.
Next to Skybridge is Wave House where people surf on the artificial waves.
Along the Skybridge, Jerlene and Javier tried stepping on the see-through glass floor which looks scary.
We also witnessed people trying out the one and only Bungy Jump in Singapore.