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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

28 Feb 2017 - Pokemon Maths Questions

Javier created his own set of maths questions for his classmates to work on.  You need to know Pokemon in depth to be able to answer these questions.  Ready to take on this challenge?  :-)

27 Feb 2017 - Funny comments after the Maths test

Javier:"Daddy, today's maths test very boring."
Daddy:"What happened?"
Javier:"The test is 40 minutes but I finished in 10 minutes."
Javier:"I checked my answers 5 times."
Daddy:"Oh.....isn't it good?"
Javier:"No it's very boring.  I wanted to colour the paper but teacher said cannot.  Then I tried to sleep and teacher did not allow as well."

26 Feb 2017 - Ballet Mock Exam 2017

Jerlene had her grade 2 ballet mock exam today in preparation for her actual exam in a week's time.  Parents were invited to watch how the mock exam was conducted.
Here's a video of the mock exam.

26 Feb 2017 - Wushu moves with a pole (棍术)

Javier started learning Wushu moves with a pole (棍术) today.  While walking home, he decided to show us what exactly he had learnt.
After that, I took the pole over and showed him some moves that I learnt from Hong Kong drama series.  He was impressed......haha.......  How I wish I had Wushu as my CCA when I was young.

23 Feb 2017 - Author of Pokemon Stories

Jerlene and Javier learnt about Microsoft Word in school recently.  They decided to put what they had learnt into practice tonight.  Jerlene started writing about what she did for the day while Javier decided to write a story about his favourite pokemons.  There were 5 chapters in his story.
I actually wanted to post what they had written but they told me "NO"!  It's copyright infringement.  Haha.......  If you are really interested, come and request for it from the authors themselves.  :-)

19 Feb 2017 - Our Pokemon hunting resumes

We started our gen 2 pokemon outdoor hunting today.  Places that we covered were Pasir Ris Park and Pasir Ris Town Park.  It was a great workout for all of us.  Haven't been walking this much for quite a while.  :-)

18 Feb 2017 - Birthday Dinner @ Jing Long Seafood

Today is 奶奶's birthday and we had a birthday celebration at Jing Long Seafood restaurant in Bedok.  The food here is superb.  After dinner, we took out the birthday cake and sang the birthday songs.
Happy Birthday, 奶奶!  Hope you will stay healthy and happy always!

17 Feb 2017 - Gen 2 Pokemons are here!

Generation 2 Pokemon was finally launched today.  It's time to pack our gears and go for some pokemon hunting!

16 Feb 2017 - Favourite Char Siew (叉烧)

All this while, Jerlene and Javier have been in love with Char Siew (叉烧).  There is a stall at a coffee shop along Hougang Street 61 that sells one of the best Char Siew we had tried so far.  Whenever we are there, we will definitely order a plate of Char Siew and Char Siew only.  :-)

9 Feb 2017 - Simply too tired...

Javier must be too tired to be sleeping in this position........

5 Feb 2017 - CNY Lion Dance

This afternoon, we all gathered at my sister's place to watch the CNY lion dance.
Below is the formation of oranges and vegetables before lion dance started.
Other than the usual two lions, there was one more important character this year.  The God of Fortune, 财神爷.
Below shows the end state of the orange formation.  Can you see what are the four numbers?
Here's the video of the lion dance highlights.

4 Feb 2017 - Beautiful Sky Light!

In the late afternoon, Javier suddenly shouted in his room, "What happened to the sky?  Why is it purple???".  I then looked out of my window and witnessed it myself.  The sky was really purple but it was beautiful!
And it started changing color after a while.  It's my first time witnessing such a beautiful sky light.  :-)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

30 Jan 2017 - Our new Vacuum Robot we called "CleanBot"

We are now without a helper so we started investing in technologies to help out with our housework.  This robot vacuum cleaner is one of them.  After reviewing quite a number of robot cleaners, we decided to buy this which only costs us $200 after all the online discounts.
In this video, you can see it vacuuming by the side of the objects without knocking into them, going under chairs and finding its way home to recharge.  It can also vacuum and mop at the same time.  With one charge, it can vacuum for more than 2 hours.  I would say it's a good investment so far.

28 Jan 2017 - CNY visiting (初一拜年)

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!  The first place we visited this morning was none other than the place where I grew up.  Here's a photo of all the grand children with Ye Ye (爷爷) and Nai Nai (奶奶).
Now with everyone in......
In the evening, we all gathered at Aloha Bungalow together with our relatives.  As devices were not permitted at the bungalow, Javier brought a Chess Set over and started teaching his cousin how to play.  He learnt it all by himself by playing on his tablet.  :-)

27 Jan 2017 - Reunion Dinner

Today is Chinese New Year Eve and reunion dinner is a must.  We had prepared two kind of soup, one spicy (Laksa) and one non-spicy.
Great to have Ye Ye (爷爷) and Nai Nai (奶奶) join us for the dinner this year.  :-)